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A journey illuminated by candles, the smell of clay and beeswax

October 7, 2023  10:00h to 14:00h

What we will do?

In this workshop, we will dive into the fascinating history of chandeliers, exploring their diversity of designs over time. Inspired by the fusion between functionality and aesthetics, we will translate our own interpretations into unique ceramic pieces. As we mold the clay, we will bring to life the convergence between art and utility.

But our creativity doesn't stop there. We will learn from Casa Tenue the ancient art of making beeswax candles, a direct connection with nature and a tradition that transcends the centuries. These candles will be the light that gives life to our chandeliers, combining the beauty of ceramics with the warm luminosity of candles. A journey through time and craftsmanship awaits us, where we will create not only objects, but also a deep link between history, creativity and light.

After the workshop, we must let your chandelier dry, once dry we will bake it, this process can take a week, then you can pick it up in our workshop. 

Or if you prefer, we can send it to your home (home delivery is not included in the price of the workshop)

This experience is suitable from 12 years of age and no previous experience is necessary.
Cerámica y meditacion en Ávila
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In our workshop located in the city of Ávila, once you register you will receive all the indications and the exact location.

What's included

  • 1 época+CasaTenue workshop

  • All the necessary materials for the activities

  • The chandelier you have designed      

  • Approximately 8 bee candles

  • Baking of your piece 

Note: Once it is baked we will notify you, you can pick it up at our workshop or if you prefer we can send it.

Meet the team

Sonia Pueche y Jaime Mato época


Sonia Pueche and Jaime Mato, the artisans behind the época ceramic pieces, will be the people in charge of guiding you and accompanyin in all the processes. Through their workshops, they share their deep love for ceramics, inviting you to discover the secrets of clay and unleash your own creativity.

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Casa Tenue

Casa Tenue is a beacon of light in the world of crafts. 
Fernanda Algorta, a graphic designer by profession is its creator, a project that exudes creativity and serenity in the elaboration of beeswax candles through the immersion method. 
Since her childhood, Fernanda has woven a special relationship with candles, her goal is to share the deep magic that resides in each step of the process and pass on the rich history behind this ancient technique.

frequent questions

​Do I need experience for ceramic workshops?

No previous experience needed

Will I be able to take home the pieces I make?

The pieces have to dry after the workshop, once dry we will bake them. You can come and pick them up or, if you prefer, we can send them to your home.

Shipping costs are not included in the price.

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