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You will shape your own instrument, to discover the unique sound that lies at the heart of ceramics.

14 October 2023 10:00h to 14:00h

What we will do?

In the época+sound workshop you will learn how to make a sound instrument, shape its soundboard, create the bezel and different sound tones.

You will customize your instrument giving the finish you want, incorporating elements and paint details.

After creating the instrument, we must let it dry for a week before baking. 

Once baked you can pick it up in our workshop or if you prefer we can send it to you (this home delivery is not included in the price)

This experience is suitable from 7 years of age and you do not need previous experience.
época ceramic experiencias. y talleres
Cerámica e instrumentos musicales con época ceramic
Taller cerámica y sonido, curso impartido por época ceramic
Alumna de época ceramic


In our workshop located in the city of Ávila, once you register you will receive all the indications and the exact location.

What's included

  • 1 época+sound workshop

  • All the necessary materials for the activities


  • Baking of your piece.

Note: Once it is baked we will notify you, you can pick it up at our workshop or if you prefer we can send it.

Meet the team

Sonia Pueche y Jaime Mato época


Sonia and Jaime, the artisans behind época, have created this workshop to share their love for this ancestral discipline. They will accompany you throughout the workshop and guide you on a journey of discovery towards your own creativity. 

frequent questions

​Do I need experience for ceramic workshops?

No previous experience needed

Will I be able to take home the pieces I make?

The pieces have to dry after the workshop, once dry we will bake them. You can come and pick them up or, if you prefer, we can send them to your home.

Shipping costs are not included in the price.

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