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Welcome to Origen!

We journey back 20,000 years in time to experiment with the material that has witnessed the evolution of our species, and we want you to join us on this adventure.


For this, we venture into the forest, the perfect setting for Origin, where we will conduct all the activities. During our experience, we will walk among the trees, collect elements that will serve as tools for shaping, and carry out a piece using primitive techniques. We will carve shapes and apply pigments, using our creativity and spending time in direct contact with the earth.

Origin will be held in small groups of up to 3 people, to better integrate into the environment.

You don't need to bring any materials, just wear sturdy shoes for walking and bring water to hydrate.


Once the activity is over, we will take your pieces to the workshop to finish drying and firing them. Two weeks later, you can come pick them up at our workshop, or we can send them to your home.

Origin is recommended for people who can walk without difficulty, do not have respiratory or cardiovascular problems, and it is advisable that they be over 12 years old.


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