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Sonia Pueche y Jaime Mato
Homo faber guide época ceramic

In 2015, chef Jaime Mato (Madrid, 1982) and photographer

Sonia Pueche (Madrid, 1985) spent a lot of time in their workshop

studio in Madrid, a space dedicated to experimentation.

Their creative curiosity lead them to sign up for pottery classes at a
small workshop next to the studio.
The experience is short and they begin to practice during their free time.
In 2016 they open an Instagram account to show their ceramic
experiments to family and friends. A year later, época was born as a
project of experimentation with ceramics.

“It is a material with infinite possibilities and, since it does not
admit shortcuts, it allows us to work as we like best: without
explains Jaime.

All época pieces are unique and handcrafted respecting

the drying and  baking times.


It is no coincidence that, by defining the feeling conveyed by
the época pieces of time, his clients agree in pointing out this word
because Calm is also the term used by its creators to describe the

process of creation.

“Consciously creating each piece is important to us and it is
gratifying to see that it has a direct impact on our pieces,”
explains Sonia.

In 2020, the architecture and design magazine AD includes época in a
report that gives visibility to the new Spanish craftworks and the
same year they open their online store.

Today, época sells inside and outside our borders, where its pieces
are valued on the rise, especially in Portugal, Japan,

Taiwan or the United States.

Ana Vallhonrat


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