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Homo faber guide época ceramic

época was born in 2016 by the hand of Sonia Pueche & Jaime Mato,
two artists from Madrid who have found in clay their form of artistic expression.

The época goes beyond ceramics itself.

His free-paced approach gives rise to unique works that seek
transmit the essence of tranquility and harmony.

His handmade pieces carry with them the imprint of the artists and their uniqueness lies in their commitment to originality, where repetition is banished.

época does not succumb to the monotony of repetition, but embraces the uniqueness of each creation.

Each stage of the process, from molding to baking, time and attention are invested, respecting the natural rhythms of clay.

This deliberate and conscious approach reflects the deep connection between the way of life they embrace and the art they produce.

The result is a collection of pieces that emanate a sense of calm and serenity, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in contemplation.

Each work arises from an intimate dialogue between the two artists and the clay, the rhythm that both defend is the way in which Sonia and Jaime understand this ancestral discipline, patience and calm are undoubtedly part of the tools with which both mold their pieces.

The época showcase is displayed in its online store, extending its borders to Europe, the United States and Asia.
A place in constant change where every week, new works emerge.

época pottery is an echo of nature itself: each piece, unique and unrepeatable, it reminds us of our own transitory nature.


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